Art and the Artist - the Pandemic and Beyond

Open Words on the Art of Being an Artist

Per­form­ing Artists have the tal­ent and the capac­i­ty to inter­pret the words and sounds of oth­ers, poets and com­posers, chore­o­g­ra­phers, to express what oth­ers have devised.
But they also have some­thing to say them­selves! And this pod­cast is intend­ed to offer them the oppor­tu­ni­ty to present their views, but also their approach­es to solv­ing prob­lems that move us all.

Like every­one else, they are affect­ed by the prob­lems of every­day life, of life all­to­geth­er. With their often inter­na­tion­al vision, their cre­ativ­i­ty, they can inspire just as much as with their inter­pre­ta­tions of great works on the stages of this world.

Corona – the end of Performing Arts? – Or a new beginning?!

It is a gen­er­al con­sen­sus that no oth­er event since World War II has hit the world as exten­sive­ly and glob­al­ly as the COVID19 pan­dem­ic. In many parts of the world, all events were can­celled, and so con­certs, the­atre and opera per­for­mances and fes­ti­vals were also a vic­tim of this situation.

How does the Per­form­ing Arts World react to this? What do the artists, those who are oth­er­wise in the spot­light, have to say? How are they affect­ed, artis­ti­cal­ly, men­tal­ly, economically?

Where do they see the future of Per­form­ing Arts after the end of the pan­dem­ic? Has it changed forever?

Inter­na­tion­al artists give their per­son­al answers to these and many oth­er ques­tions in this pod­cast. They give insight into what this cri­sis caus­es in them, what they think about, what moves them

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    Today we talk to a real “opera man”. David Pount­ney has been a revered mem­ber of the opera com­mu­ni­ty all over the world for many years, and both his lead­er­ship as Artis­tic Direc­tor and the won­der­ful pro­duc­tions he direct­ed are legend.

    And David has a lot to say, in clear and out­spo­ken words. Of course — like most of us — his life as an artist and as a human being has been touched and altered by the pan­dem­ic. But beyond that we also talk about anoth­er inci­sive expe­ri­ence in the life of many artists, British and inter­na­tion­al: Brexit!

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    Many of you, inter­est­ed in the world of Clas­si­cal Music and YouTu­bers, will have come across Joseph Ole­firow­icz. He became a kind of YouTube celebri­ty when a video fea­tur­ing him as “The Danc­ing Con­duc­tor” was released back in 2012.

    But Joseph is first of all a world-class musi­cian, con­duc­tor and organ­ist. He has per­formed all across Europe in con­cert halls and opera hous­es, in both the clas­si­cal reper­toire and what is con­sid­ered to be the more “light” music.

    He also tells us how his work in church music, where he has been lead­ing for many years the biggest Church Music Fes­ti­val of the US North-East, in Nashua, NH, has been a real sup­port, men­tal and eco­nom­i­cal, for his com­mu­ni­ty, the artists he works with, and himself.

    After speak­ing to opera artists our guest today is a TV celebri­ty in the Ger­man speak­ing world. Hans Sigl, best known to his fans for his lead role in the TV soap “Bergdok­tor” (Moun­tain doc), talks to us about his expe­ri­ences around han­dling the Pan­dem­ic, about how this affects the world where he is most­ly at home now, the world of TV production.

    But Hans Sigl is also a the­atre actor, and he knows about the impact that the sit­u­a­tion we go through has on the live per­form­ing arts. And he asks the (impor­tant) ques­tion if the actu­al cri­sis has not also put a mag­ni­fy­ing glass on prob­lems that our per­form­ing arts world has had for quite some time already!

    Kris­t­ian Benedikt is today one of the most sought after spin­to tenors. He has sung all over Europe and North Amer­i­ca includ­ing New York’s Met­ro­pol­i­tan Opera.
    His life was not only hit by the pan­dem­ic like the one of many oth­er stage per­form­ers, be he also con­tract­ed COVID late sum­mer 2020 and had some dif­fi­cult weeks to go through. But he also speaks about his recov­ery, his strength and faith in the future and wants go give hope to all of us.

    Amer­i­can-born con­duc­tor Karen Kamensek is one of the lead­ing con­duc­tors in her gen­er­a­tion. Of course, the ongo­ing pan­dem­ic con­tin­ues to impact Karen’s sea­son. We dis­cuss this not so much from a per­son­al point of view, but rather on the impact the cri­sis has on the music world on the two sides of the Atlantic.
    But Karen has also inter­est­ing views and insights in how the future of clas­si­cal might look like!

    José Cura is an excep­tion. He is not only an all-rounder in the field of clas­si­cal music, he also thinks about where the world of art is devel­op­ing – far beyond the bound­aries of opera and singing.
    What remains of the artist if he lacks his audi­ence? How does he deal with his fears and doubts?
    The Coro­na cri­sis shows as if under a mag­ni­fy­ing glass, where in truth the shoe has been press­ing for a long time.
    José Cura tries to give answers in this conversation.

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