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Art and the Artist - the Pandemic and Beyond

Open Words on the Art of Being an Artist

Performing Artists have the talent and the capacity to interpret the words and sounds of others, poets and composers, choreographers, to express what others have devised.

But they also have something to say themselves! And this podcast is intended to offer them the opportunity to present their views, but also their approaches to solving problems that move us all. Like everyone else, they are affected by the problems of everyday life, of life alltogether. With their often international vision, their creativity, they can inspire just as much as with their interpretations of great works on the stages of this world.


Corona – the end of Performing Arts? – Or a new beginning?!

It is a general consensus that no other event since World War II has hit the world as extensively and globally as the COVID19 pandemic. In many parts of the world, all events were cancelled, and so concerts, theatre and opera performances and festivals were also a victim of this situation.

How does the Performing Arts World react to this? What do the artists, those who are otherwise in the spotlight, have to say? How are they affected, artistically, mentally, economically? Where do they see the future of Performing Arts after the end of the pandemic? Has it changed forever?

International artists give their personal answers to these and many other questions in this podcast. They give insight into what this crisis causes in them, what they think about, what moves them

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World-famous tenor, conductor and composer
José Cura

José Cura is an exception. He is not only an all-rounder in the field of classical music, a world-famous tenor, acclaimed on all major stages, a sought-after conductor and an increasingly recognized composer. He also thinks about where the world of art is developing – far beyond the boundaries of opera and singing.


But stars like José Cura also suffer from the crisis triggered by the corona pandemic, and these are not just economic problems. 


What remains of the artist if he lacks his audience? How does he deal with his fears and doubts?

But is it not the same in stage art as in everyday life: the Corona crisis shows only as if under a magnifying glass, where in truth the shoe has been pressing for a long time? Does this crisis bring solutions that are long overdue, or does it destroy much that is irretrievable?
José Cura tries to give answers in this conversation.





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